“PEDALLERCON 2023”: I.A.P’s National Conference kicks off in Jaipur

“Sub-specialty and super-specialty of pediatrics will create the best pediatricians in the times to come”- Dr. B.S. Tomar

The 11th edition of the two-day (22 & 23 September) ‘National Conference of Pediatric Allergy and Applied Immunology,’ organized by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PEDALLERCON 2023), is all set to make a significant impact as it is held in Jaipur. This year’s theme is “Simplifying Allergy for all.” This conference welcomed a diverse and respected gathering of pediatricians, physicians, and researchers in the field of pediatric allergy and immunology. The Chief Guest of the conference was the renowned Peditrician of India, Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar.

The conference featured discussions and workshops on a variety of topics, with the primary focus on a green environment and healthy children, environmental pollution and allergies, intranasal corticosteroids: when to stop, relevance to allergic diseases and asthma, and drug allergy – a personalized approach to allergies. Additionally, the workshop topics included allergy testing, pulmonary function testing, and allergy rhinitis.

The distinguished guests included, President of IAP- Dr. Upendra S. Kinjawadekar, Dr. Jose O, President of Pediatric Allergy Association of India (PAAI); Dr. Krishna Mohan R., Secretary of PAAI; Dr. Uppin Narayana Reddy, Treasurer of PAAI; and Chairman Dr. Tarun Patni, who were present.

“As the conference’s Chief Guest, the distinguished Pediatrician and Chairman of NIMS University, Dr. B.S. Tomar, delivered an inspiring address to the attendees and shared experience of his early days as a pediatric gastroenterologist, particularly during the formative years of NIMS University in Rajasthan. He addressed the gathering reflecting on the remarkable evolution within the field of pediatrics. He emphasized that four decades ago, there was a noticeable scarcity of expertise in pediatrics, not only within India but also on the international stage.”

Dr. Tomar encouraged every young paediatrician to take their dedication a step further and actively contribute to the internal development of pediatrics. He gave a valuable mantra by saying, “My goal was never just focused on earning; my goal was always to keep moving forward. So you focus more on learning, you may be scared of challenges in your initial days, but I believe challenges take you closer to your goal, so you should never be afraid of challenges, humans naturally move towards their goals, so ‘Instead of waiting for the right time, take action and let time respond to your efforts.’ Let it be given.”

He proudly acknowledged the growth of NIMS University, which now covers a wide range of academic disciplines, including several specialized branches of pediatrics. Dr. Tomar underlined the transformation of the pediatrics field. He expressed hope that allergy immunology would eventually develop into separate branches within the field of pediatrics, reflecting the advances and opportunities available today.

The guest of honor at the conference was Dr. G. V Basavaraja, who is the President-elect of the Allergy chapter. He told the young people that the chapter is growing steadily, and members are taking part in lots of great things. He said they’re going to keep working on it, and they’re planning to do some webinars soon to talk about some of the biggest pediatric issues. He urged everyone to get involved and help set a new direction for the pediatric industry in India by doing research.

Finally, the topics covered on the second day of the conference included Food Allergy – Present, Challenges, Recommendations, and Future Plans; Dysbiosis and Microbiota; Anaphylaxis – OPD to PICU; and Chronic Cough – The Biggest Factor for a Pediatrician and Management should be involved.

Among the distinguished guests present were Sanjeev Gupta, Organizing Secretary; Dr. Mohit Poddar, Treasurer; Dr. Manish Sharma, Convenor; Dr. Rajiv K. Bansal, Scientific Chairman; and Dr. Alok Gupta, Scientific Co-Chairman. Additionally, representatives of the IAP Jaipur branch were also present, including President Dr. Ram Babu Sharma, Honorary Secretary Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, and Treasurer Dr. Mohit Vohra, who added to the significance of the event.

About the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP):

Established in 1963, the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) is a national organization of over 32,000 pediatricians based in Mumbai. The Academy is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all children and devotes its resources to this purpose. It is well structured with 30 state branches and 329 district/city branches in 5 zones and has promoted a wide variety of specialties in pediatrics through its 20 sub-specialty chapters and 8 sub-specialty groups. IAP is distinct from other medical specialty organizations in India because of its size and representation.

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