Nims University joins UNESCO’s ‘Global University Network for Innovation’ forum with academic and innovation excellence

For the progress of nature and climate, make sustainable development goals an important part of your life – Dr. Tomar

NIMS University Rajasthan has the honor of becoming an esteemed member of the ‘Global University Network for Innovation’ (GUNi) and has the privilege of participating in the ‘Call to Action’ 2024. It is a world-class organization that serves as a leading and recognized think tank in higher education policy and management. This elite international network includes UNESCO Chairs, higher education institutions, research centers and a rich network of 271 members dedicated to innovation and social commitment in higher education. With this recognition, NIMS University gets the opportunity to be among the only 30 best universities worldwide, which includes only two Indian universities.

The main objectives of GUNi-ICA are:

The primary goal of GUni-ICA is to promote the transformation of higher education institutions, promoting sustainability, innovation and social responsibility. The initiative provides a dedicated space for new approaches, training, exchange and guidance to participating higher education institutions (HEIs) across the world through a range of unique initiatives and services. Promises to reshape the future of India.

Expressing his happiness, President and Chancellor of Nims University, Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar enthusiastically commented, “I would like to congratulate our NIMS family as our institute has been selected by the GUNi Network. This shows that our academic culture is continuously progressing, fueled by local innovation. to global partnerships. We are even more proud as we work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to foster prosperity for both humanity and the environment.

These goals touch our lives in every way Connected, I say to this new generation that all of you should work together on these goals because this is the right time to make nature resourceful again and we hope that this network will allow us to collaborate with global higher education institutions and “Will enable us to promote a clear approach to service-learning.”

The selection of Nimes University for the GUni International Call to Action from December 2023 to December 2026 underlines its commitment to social responsibility, innovation and sustainability. This prestigious program aligns seamlessly with the aspirations of NIMS University, providing an opportunity to make a significant contribution to global higher education.

With a final selection of 30 universities from 20 different countries, GUNI aims to drive change in higher education institutions globally, promote excellence and celebrate the diversity of institutions across the world. Nimes University looks forward to leveraging its participation in GUNI to enhance its academic presence and contribute to the transformative goals of higher education internationally.

The GUni global network actively works in five main areas: the expansion of higher education in the world, strategic programmes, international cooperation and European projects, the organization of international conferences, seminars and workshops and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Agenda is included.

It includes the world’s leading universities such as Escuela Superior Polítecnica de Chimborazo, Ecuador, Universitat de Valencia (UV), Espana, Hippocrates University (Universidad Hipocrates), Mexico, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), Catalunya, Universidad de los Andes. , School of Law Colombia, Colombia, Mexico Yeditepe University, Türkiya, Law School University of Chile, Chile, Universitat Polytechnica de Catalunya (UPC), Catalunya, University of Nimes, India, Symbiosis International University, India, Universitat Virtual de Côte d’Ivoire ( UVCI), Côte d’Ivoire.

GUni was established in 1999 to monitor the agreements reached following the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education and to act as an expert organization in university policy and management. In 2022, GUni collaborated with UNESCO in organizing the Third World Conference on Higher Education in Barcelona.

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