Commemorating the 75th Republic Day: A Fusion of Patriotism and Diversity at the University

Prof. Tomar encourages young minds to actively participate in nurturing the three R’s of the constitution – Rights, Responsibility, and Resources

University celebrated the 75th Republic Day of our glorious nation with immense pride and zeal in commemorating the genesis of India’s constitution. The ‘Naye Bharat ka Chehra’ song filled the air with a sense of national pride and unity. Hon’ble Founder & Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar initiated the auspicious event by unfurling the flag, proceeding with the National Anthem and March Past. He explicated the significance of paying homage to our great nation and our brave leaders whose vigilance and valor contributed to forming a secular and republican country.

This year the theme for Republic Day celebrations was ‘Bharat- Loktranta ki Matrika,” translating to “Bharat – The Mother of Democracy,” enveloping the essence of our nation as the oldest democracy in the world. The initiative’s image aims at various aspects of progress, including economic, social, environmental, and governance, among others. It encourages young people to contribute their ideas for an evolved India and outstanding proposals in each of these domains.

In his address, Prof. Tomar conveyed heartfelt wishes as a fellow countryman, expressing immense gratitude for the privilege to stand before them on this significant day. Republic Day, he emphasized, is a celebration that acknowledges the implementation of our Constitution, the cornerstone of our democratic ethos.

He underscored that the essence of the day lies in the Constitution itself, a guiding document that bestows upon each citizen the responsibility, rights, and resources essential for contributing to the nation’s growth. This pivotal legal framework establishes a unique pact between the government and its citizens, outlining the principles that govern our collective existence. You all are the Young minds who were inspired to share their ideas for an evolved India, putting forth outstanding proposals to contribute to the nation’s development.

During the Republic Day celebration, students showcased diverse perspectives on India’s development and demonstrated acts highlighting women-centric initiatives. The Republic Day Parade took center stage during the celebrations, featuring a spectacular display of the majestic March Past by the cadet forces.  The rhythmic March Past echoed through the grounds, underscoring the discipline and determination exhibited by the NCC SW, NSS, and NCC JW troops.

The responsibility entrusted by the Constitution is a call to action, a collective commitment to actively participate in the nation’s progress.

Dr. Sandeep Tripathi, Registrar of Nims University, stepped forward to express a heartfelt Vote of Thanks. He conveyed, “We carry a vision, and with the advent of the new year, new opportunities unfold for us. By 2025, NIMS will undergo a transformative journey encompassing education, infrastructure, and various other aspects. Driven by this vision, I emphasize and encourage students to set their goals and outline actions for building an inclusive and developed Bharat. Bharat isn’t just a name or an emotion; it is a nation bound together by the collective efforts and dreams of millions of Indian hearts.”

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