Upskilling of NIMSians. The great minds of medicine at NIMS University

The NIMS University’s world-class education has made a lasting impression in India and internationally. It offers more than 400 courses in various fields and the highest quality education for its global students. Prof. (Dr.) Balvir Singh Tomar, the organization’s Chairman & Chancellor, is the driving force behind the university’s formation. His vision for giving quality education to students and healthcare facilities to needy people set him as an inspiration.

NIMS Chairman Dr. Tomar thinks that our students can lead their careers through the knowledge of experts and living legends, and

the advanced skills of these experts can be used in providing the best healthcare services to patients. Therefore we are organizing LLMs at NIMS University and inviting these experts to join NIMS group. 

Living legends are expert and renowned personalities in their field; they have research, surgery, and exceptional knowledge about medical and healthcare. Once again, to continue the tradition and provide knowledge to our students, NIMS University organized another “Living Legends of Medicine (LLM)” session to educate our students and faculty members about “Emerging Technologies and the Future of Medical Practice.” It was an honor for us to host Prof. (Dr.) Amit K Dinda, Ex-Head of Dept. of Pathology, and Chief Coordinating Officer, CMIE at AIIMS, New Delhi, in the recent session of LLM.

At the Rajeshwari Auditorium, Prof. (Dr.) Amit K Dinda illuminated the students about emerging technologies in medical practice. He also talked about the medical techniques and technologies growing up constantly. He shared the facts that, in the years of the 70th-80th, the application and knowledge were minimal in the healthcare profession. However, in the last 40 years, the medical field has seen enormous changes because of new technologies.

Prof. K Dinda also emphasized that future physicians should understand mathematics and engineering. He elaborated on techniques like an electric stethoscope, biomarker detection, lab on a chip, Raman spectroscopy, and single-cell technology.

The session was excellent and definitely resulted from NIMS Chairman’s visionary thought. Dr. Tomar always thinks about the future of the healthcare profession and students. He always focuses on the student’s educational and career development perspective, mindset, and motivation. As another initiative, Dr. Tomar started inviting these experts as heads and faculties to NIMS University and NIMS Hospital, who joined LLMs sessions. Now, most of the great minds and the experts who possess excellent knowledge to educate the upcoming generation of healthcare professionals in the LLMs are part of our NIMS University and Hospital.

Famous and renowned minds like Prof. (Dr.) N K Mehra, Prof. (Dr.) Rajeshwari Subramaniam, Prof. (Dr.) Anurag Srivastava and Dr. M C Mishra are included in it. As a part of NIMS Group, they are now providing advanced world-class quality education to medical students and doing their best in NIMS Hospital while treating patients. Dr. Tomar often mentions in his talks that good health and quality education are two of life’s greatest blessings. We always try our best and think about what we will be in the future. Dr. Tomar started interactive and practical sessions for students’ upskilling called “Advanced Trauma Life Support” with the help of the Advanced Trauma Life Support India Program as his initiative. In these sessions, students benefited and learned advanced skills and knowledge for better treatment.

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