Renowned brains in LLM: The source to boosting young minds

NIMS University always keeps efforts to boost young minds through the sharing of the knowledge and experience of renowned experts in various medical fields or branches. For this, NIMS University is continuously conducting a series called ‘ Living Legends of Medicine’. In this series, we invite inspirational and exemplary professionals who have undertaken ground-breaking research and excelled in the field of health and medical education. They serve as role models to our students, young academicians, and clinicians. Also, senior academicians have the chance to discuss the research and routine life activity with people of the same stature. This develops and builds stronger clinical associations, confidence, and reputation.

In this series, the renowned brains, who possess experience and knowledge strive to educate the upcoming generation of healthcare professionals, providing quality education regardless of their financial situations. They conduct innovative research to find better treatments and cures to improve the quality of life for the next generations.

Once again, to uphold the tradition, NIMS University organized a session of ‘Living Legends of Medicine’ on ‘Facts of Anesthesia – Impact on Clinical Practice’ on 7th July. NIMS University hosted Prof (Dr) Rajeshwari Subramaniam, Ex-Prof and Head, Dept of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, AIIMS, New Delhi at this session.

Dr. Subramaniam illuminated the students about Anesthesia. She is a leading and highly acclaimed anesthesiologist with great experience. As an anesthesiologist, she has treated lots of patients with unmatched practice and knowledge. She is a very competent and skilled doctor when it comes to critical care and treatment belonging to brain tumours, cardiac disease, multiple fractures, and trauma. She also shared how an anesthesiologist plays an important role in critical care and treatment.

On the next day, on 8th July, NIMS University organized another session of ‘ Living Legends of Medicine’ in which we hosted Prof (Dr) Neena Khanna, Ex Prof, and Head, Department of Dermatology and Venerology, AIIMS, New Delhi. In the session, she educated our students about the various aspects of parlour dermatosis, various skin-hair procedures, and dos and don’ts of skin and hair care.

Dr. Khanna also shared her experience and conducted a Q&A session with the students and faculty, solving their queries and doubts and motivating them to work hard.

 At the end of both of the sessions, as is our tradition, Prof (Dr) Rajeshwari Subramaniam and Prof (Dr) Neena Khanna were warmly welcomed and honoured with mementoes by NIMS University.

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