Nims University Rajasthan Celebrates NIMS DIWAS- 23 Years of Excellence

“A symphony isn’t written by one person; it’s written by many people working together”- Prof. (Dr.) BS Tomar

Jaipur: The 23rd Foundation Day (Nims Diwas), a celebration of excellence in the field of education, research, and sustainable progress was held at NIMS University, Rajasthan, under the leadership of the visionary Chairman and Chancellor, Professor (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar. It was a celebration of unity, innovation, and environmental consciousness, all of which are at the core of Nims’ mission to create a better world through the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and holistic development.

The Founder and Chancellor greeted the Board of Directors, professors, and students in a special virtual conference to commemorate many years of learning and innovation. Dr. Tomar asserted that the University had risen quantitatively and qualitatively by converting challenges into opportunities. On the occasion, Nims University Rajasthan witnessed the inauguration of the new Cancer Hospital within its premises. The Chancellor and Chairman said, “This hospital belongs to every person it serves.” It’s a reminder that NIMS is dedicated to the community.

On the occasion of the foundation day, the Chancellor announced some upcoming projects such as :

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre: The university’s mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship is set to be further enhanced with the establishment of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre. This centre is set to become a vibrant hub that will provide students, faculty, and entrepreneurs with the tools and support they need to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures. Equipped with modern facilities, mentorship, and a collaborative atmosphere, the centre will be the ideal place for interdisciplinary cooperation, idea incubation, and business development. By connecting academia and industry, the centre will foster the next generation of innovators and enable the development of advanced solutions to address real-world issues.

CENTRAL RESEARCH LAB: The institution is taking a significant step to help the Nation’s science take off and meet its ever-changing needs. NIMS is setting up a new Central Science Lab to be a hub for research and innovation, with experts and professors who are authorities in their fields leading the way. This lab will be the go-to place for the latest projects and research papers, and it’s poised to be an excellent environment for generating ideas and creative solutions to societal problems.

Research Incentives for Research Papers and Patents: The University is introducing a pioneering Research Incentive Programme to promote innovation and honor the invaluable efforts of students and faculty. The program rewards those who register patents or publish research papers in national and international journals on behalf of the university with a token of appreciation of Rs. 25,000. The program recognizes the essential role of patents and research papers in driving progress, inspiring innovation, and aiding in the nation’s growth. By fostering the intellectual pursuits of students and faculty, the University is not only nurturing a culture of innovation but also advancing the frontier of knowledge in alignment with the overarching objective of nation-building


Students and Faculty Exchange Programme: In today’s ever-evolving environment, partnerships are essential for progress and innovation. With each partnership, this university  opens the door to new possibilities, allowing for the potential to create a better future through the collective effort of dedicated individuals and institutions dedicated to excellence. As a result, students from Nims Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET) will have the invaluable opportunity to enhance their knowledge about Artificial Intelligence at the Marik Centre. They will be working on Green Hydrogen research projects, marking a significant step for the university.

For the first time in Rajasthan, Nims university will study hydrogen energy, signifying its dedication in creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Additionally, as part of the exchange program, students from the Medical College will also engage in academic pursuits at the Motol University Hospital, Prague. NIMS and Siemens Healthcare are teaming up to elevate precision medicine to the next level with the help of AI.

This partnership is a significant step forward in improving patient care accuracy and efficiency. Interventional radiology is set to benefit greatly from AI integration as it enhances diagnostic and treatment options. In Rajasthan, the launch of a new liver transplant program marks a significant advancement for patients in need. Furthermore, the partnership with Japan presents a great opportunity for pediatric liver transplantation, opening up new possibilities and creating a future full of extraordinary medical opportunities.

The Chairman took the stage and spoke encouragingly about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, emphasizing the need to create a more environmentally friendly world.

He also addressed the urgency of climate change, exacerbated by global warming. He stated, “Nims’ primary goals are to harness digital progress and collaborate to create a sustainable planet. He illustrated how Nims aligns with the SDGs by discussing initiatives directly related to them. He emphasized the significance of reducing food wastage and encouraged responsible eating among students. He also underscored the importance of both physical and mental health, stating that they are pivotal to holistic well-being. Furthermore, he expressed his ambition to develop a campus that aligns with the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals.

“NIMS University is committed to fostering an environment that upholds and promotes gender equality. It’s open to everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The university believes that everyone deserves equal opportunities, respect, and influence in academic and social life.”, quoted the Chairman.

 The event concluded with a Cycle Rally aimed at initiating steps toward a vehicle-free campus, symbolizing a commitment to reducing vehicular traffic and embracing eco-friendly transportation options.

By invoking the spirit of nation-building, the organizers underscored the importance of collective effort and a shared vision to achieve ambitious goals. The reference to the construction of Terminal 5 (T5) at London Heathrow Airport served as an example of how large-scale projects can succeed when people come together for a common purpose.

The event seemed to revolve around the idea of uniting for a vehicle-free campus and a green, clean environment, aligning with the broader concept of sustainable development. Students participated in a cycle rally alongside essay writing and “just a minute” sessions at the college level.

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