NIMS Diwas 28 Aug 2022

The NIMS University provides world-class education and left a lasting impression on India and internationally. It offers more than 400 courses in various fields for its global students. Prof. (Dr.) Balvir Singh Tomar, the organization’s Chairman & Chancellor, was the driving force behind the university’s formation. His vision for giving quality education to students and the best healthcare facilities to needy people set him as an inspiration.

An excellent saying is that time flies, and when you enjoy what you’re doing, you never realize how fast it flies. Twenty-one beautiful years have passed since NIMS University started with a vision to provide world-class education and healthcare services.

To celebrate this fantastic occasion, NIMS University organized the 22nd foundation day ceremony, “NIMS Diwas,” on 28th August 2022. One of the fundamental reasons for the celebration was to celebrate the successful journey of 21 glorious years and to honor employees for their most extended service and contribution to the university’s progress.

The program commenced with the hoisting of NIMS flag and & the launching of NIMS anthem. All NIMSians have been graced by the presence of the Hon’ble Chairman and Chancellor of NIMS University, Prof. (Dr.) Balveer Singh Tomar attended the program as the chief guest. Dr. Tomar conveyed his best wishes to the students, employees, and well-wishers of NIMS Group for completing the most successful 21 years.

Prof. (Dr.) Balvir S Tomar shared his message to everyone, “Dream with open eyes and fulfill it with your heart. When you become successful, help those left behind in your journey. NIMS University family takes immense pride in their students and faculty members, success as it is ultimately their success.”

On this occasion, NIMS Chairman Dr. Tomar launched 13 new social campaigns initiated by the university. Under these, many innovative works will be done, like bringing public awareness, adopting villages, encouraging rural sports talents, and arranging drinking water for destitute cows.

These 13 public welfare initiatives are;

1 . Gramothhan Abhiyan: NIMS University will adopt local villages and make an effort to develop much better and healthier. The steps related to bio-waste management, first aid skill development, sports awareness and training, digital literacy, addiction awareness, and vocational skill awareness are included.

2. Aao Khelen: In the series of public welfare and social concerns, NIMS University has started another initiative called “Aao Khelen.” In this program, local village sports talents will be encouraged. They will be benefited from free training and facilities at NIMS University.

3. Nirogi Manush: In this campaign, health awareness camps, cancer awareness, heart disease & lifestyle diseases awareness, drug addiction awareness, etc. activities will be organized.

 4. Vidhva Vidyha Dan (Widow Education Campaign): In this campaign, NIMS University will provide quality education and support to widows to brighten their future. The facilities include; literacy activities, vocational skill development for her family, widow job placement, scholarship for education, etc.

5. Kachra Nistaran Yojna: NIMS University will help clear local villages and manage their bio waste in this campaign. This program will bring bio-waste awareness and provide facilities to keep towns clean and disease-free, including bio-waste bins and STPs.

6. Sathi Hath Badhana: NIMS University will provide prosthetic limbs to the needy and make efforts for their rehabilitation. It also includes artificial limb donation and wheel-chair donation.

7. Samaj Nasha Mukti Manch: In this campaign, NIMS hospital consolidates efforts to save the public from the harmful effects of drugs. Awareness camps, sports events like Kabaddi, counseling, and medication are included in this initiative. In addition, lifestyle restructuring programs are also being conducted for former addicts.

8. Swasthya Jangyan Yojana: This campaign will make life-saving efforts through first aid skill development to improve primary health care in local villages. This initiative also provides them with basic life support skill certification and first aid certification.

9. Gau Mata Jaldhara: NIMS University will provide drinking water to destitute cows and cow fodder in rural areas and nearby villages in this program.

10. Angdaan Mahadan: Limb donation will be encouraged in this campaign. Representatives from NIMS University will try to understand the public and motivate them to donate organs. For this objective, awareness camps and donation camps will be organized to donate eyes, kidneys, livers, and other limbs.

11. Meri Dawa Teri Dawa: In this program, medicines unused by patients getting discharged will be used for poor, needy patients.

12. Anashray Antyodaya Yojna: In this program, NIMS group will contribute socially to children of orphans in many ways. The social development program, free education, free clothing, books, and other needs, personality development workshops, vocational skill development programs, and other related activities will be organized under this campaign.

13. Adopt a Hill: This initiative is started to protect nearby Arawali hills. Its focuses on plantation drive, rainwater harvesting, and landscape into the meadow. During the NIMS Diwas event, the students of NIMS University and NIMS International School also gave cultural performances in the program. India’s unity in diversity was seen in the performances of the famous dances of the northeastern and southwestern states. The program witnessed a great fusion of folk, classical, and western dance.

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