The office of the counselling & mentoring aims at helping students to achieve highest academic and personal potential. Cell provide help students with academic, personal & career concerns and promoting success and wellness among them. The cell provides a personal &confidential environment to the students, where students can share any topic or situation and discuss any concerns thy may have. The students are motivated and helped to work through their problems, to develop self-confidence to overcome problems.

The office offers counselling to students on individual or group basis. The counselling cell also provides testing facilities which includes psychological tests on stress and EQ.

In order to resolve day to day academic and personal problems of the students, mentors   are appointed for each student and they will counsel the respective students.

Students can easily connect to their mentors personally or through the university app any time.

This is a continuous process which starts from admission of student till the end of academic career of the student.  During thelast year of study students are advised for higher studies and career advancements along with proper guidance.