In Nims University has an International Student Cell, known as Directorate of Foreign Students which came into existence from 2010-11.

Functions of Directorate of Foreign Students (DFS):

  • To process the admissions of Foreign Students as per norms and regulations of Nims University Rajasthan, Jaipur
  • To asses the eligibility of the foreign students for admission as per Guidelines issued by Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi.
  • To issue Provision Admission letter and Invitation letter to the eligible candidate for getting Visa from Indian Embassy in his country. On these letters, concerned student applies for Visa to the concerned Indian Embassy in his respective country.
  • To process the admission process of the student who after getting Visa moves from his country and reaches India and Nims University Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  • To process the registration of student with the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registered Office) within 14 days of arrival in India as per the Rules of Foreign Act 1948.
  • To help the student to start attending classes after getting registered with FRRO.
  • To process the extension of VISA one month before expiry of Visa and to complete all formalities of documentation for Visa Extension.

Student Support and Progression:

  • Student support:

DFS of Nims University is responsible for following support to the foreign candidates seeking admission in university and to the students on Rule of university:-

  1. The Directorate attends to all quarries from foreign candidates seeking admission in university. All the calls, e-mails, message on WhatsApp etc. are replied to satisfy the quarries of the candidates.
  2. The student who is granted admission, is taken care by the university from the day he lands in University and given full support in the matters or arrangements of residence (coordinating with Proctor & Hostel wardens), admission formalities and Police Registration formalities.
  • On the first day of attending the class, the college authorities and teachers conduct orientation programmes about course, school, university, surroundings, Jaipur City, Rajasthan State and India. The DFS guides the students and coordinates with colleges/institutes/ schools for various activities.
  1. The students are counselled about the course, its scope and also to be regular, punctual and to study sincerely to get good grades.
  2. The students, week in English, are given extra classes to solve their language problem.
  3. Directorate helps and supports the students to organize various functions and programmes of the respective countries. The National day of their country, Cultural programmes, Association meets etc. are organized by Foreign Students and university supports the students financially and provides required infrastructure.
  • In case of problem in payment of university fee in time due to money transfer problem, students are given liberty to defer the payment of their fee to later months of Academic year without any extra payment and also permits to appear in examinations.
  • The foreign students are encouraged participation in sports and extra-curricular activities.
  1. In case of any other problem, and if students approach the Directorate, they are provided every help inside and outside the campus.
  • Student Progression:

The progression level of foreign students in very good and most of the students get good grade and presses to higher class regularly.

  • Student Participation and Activities:
  1. Several foreign students always participate in different activities like sports activities, cultural programme, freshers’ programme, Annual Function and others activities.
  2. Nigerian Students celebrate their National Independence day at Nims University with full enthusiasm. Whole university enjoys it.
  • In any other cultural activities the participation of foreign students with full enjoyment is there.
  1. The foreign students also participate in cleanliness and other social programmes of the university.


Foreign National Students can seek admission in all programmes/courses in medical, dental, nursing, paramedical, physiotherapy, sciences, pharmacy & other professional areas of modern disciplines, such as: aircraft and aerospace engineering, oil & natural gas engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology, agricultural engineering, food technology, and energy & power; and various other specific engineering & technology management and humanities, social sciences & commerce programmes.