Students Support Services

The primary goal of the SSS is to ensure you to feel at home. We ensure you to feel comfortable within our campus. You possibly consult our trained counselors to deal with any kind of personal problems since you are away from home situation for the first time in life. In order for the physical fitness or in case you are interested in sport activities or athletics; you may visit our sport consultants. We provide quite a large number of meaningful activities under the SSS and all of them provide you immense support in all spheres.

  • Expert counseling
  • Round the clock reading room facility in the central library
  • Round the clock provision for refreshment
  • Round the clock laboratory experimentation facility
  • Round the year health and emergency services
  • Development of personality and communication skills
  • Enrichment and Remedial Teaching
  • ICT inclusion
  • Research Laboratory facility
  • Security services by well trained personnel

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