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Innovations in the field of education have brought extraordinary transformations in general, professional, vocational and technical programmes from pre-primary to tertiary level institutions across all states in India. Traditional interface between trainers and trainees, sophomores and lecturers, scholars and professors have been supplemented, complemented; and by and large substituted with multiple channels of learning. In order to practice innovations in the discipline of education and physical education and extending such innovations across all levels of educational institutions, the school offers programmes at UG, PG and Doctoral level. In pursuance with prospective plans of UGC, the School of Education and physical education is planning to undertake activities like Pre-service Teacher Education, Curriculum Studies and Research, Policy Studies and Educational Development, Learning and Pedagogic Studies, Assessment and Evaluation, Professional Development of Teacher Educators, Teacher Education Curricula, Teacher Resource and Academic Support.


With breaking news on 19th January 2009, the department was established to support the Nims University to initiate paramedical and professional programmes through open and distance learning mode. The department was accorded due importance in the year 2009 by a joint committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC and recognised the Nims Distance Education programmes. Curriculum development, instructional design, self-instructional material development – are some of the key areas in which the school has been contributing tremendously to widen access to quality paramedical and vocational programmes through the Directorate of Distance Education. In 2010 and 2011, capacity building and skill up gradation of more than 55+ academic, administrative, and technical staff were made through workshops and faculty development programmes. It took three years for the DDE to shine across India with a gross enrolment of 20000+ distance learners. Currently, the Department of Education is experimenting with programme design, curriculum development, instructional design, teaching and training technologies, research and development. Initiatives in terms of offering trans disciplinary courses in special education and distance education are in the pipe line.

Amongst a myriad, our most popular Ph.D. programme grooms budding scholars with cutting-edge research skills and action oriented research methodologies. The pre Ph.D. workshop of six months duration has high impact on the scholars who looks beyond compartmentalized research. Some of the thrust areas in which scholars are involved include Early Childhood Care and Education, Learning Achievement at primary stage and secondary stage, Guidance and Counselling at Secondary and Senior Secondary Stage, Neuroscience education, Cognitive Development of Tribal Children, Gender parity, and Educational inclusion of Specially Focussed Group.

Department of Physical Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education provides a solid foundation preparing you to pursue a variety of careers, from recreation leadership to athletic training, and from dance therapy to sports management. Learn skills in a variety of sports, games, dance, aerobics, and outdoor pursuits for your own enjoyment and to share with others in many ways. Developing leadership, organization, and communication skills are main objectives of curriculum which serve a student in any interaction with others, in this career or in recreation. Appreciate the breadth and depth of the physical education field, its history and future trends, and discover your place in the field in the Nims University. The department is running undergraduate, postgraduate, M.Phil. & Ph.D programs in physical education and M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. in education.


In order for learning and researching with times, the department has cutting edge technology based Research Laboratory that is equipped with more than 50 journals and periodicals, and 1500+ open access journals, more than 25 doctoral dissertations, 20 M. Phil level dissertations. Interconnectivity supplied through 15 parallel computers that provides abundant access to research scholars.

One of the laboratory that attracts attention of educators and students is the Educational Technology Laboratory. Traditional and modern instructional tools, such as, teaching machines, OHP, slide projector, Computers, Radio, TV, LCD projectors, electronic teaching boards.

Language instructions are delivered through language laboratory that has been equipped with consoles, head phones, computer aided programmings on languages, CD and DVDs on language. In order to practice languages, laboratory has facilities to record and rerecord the speech. The striking podium motivate and encourage learners to learn languages with own pace and convenience.

Other laboratory facilities of the department include, history lab, geography lab, science laboratory, and mathematics laboratory.

Department of Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education is well equipped with modern infrastructure and includes activities like outdoor playing- Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Handball, Softball, Football, Netball, Throw ball, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho, Hockey, Tag-off-war, Athletics (track and field),Indoor Play Games – Gymnasium, Chess, Judo, Badminton,Yoga hall, Wresting, Acrobatics, and Dance Therapy. Sports are in fact a way of life for the student’s conscious of health fitness and those looking for professional star status. Physical education, a learning experience, offers a unique opportunity for problem – solving and self-expression and socialization. A well implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component to the growth of both mind and body.

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