NIMS Dental College & Hospital, Jaipur celebrated World Health Day (7th April 2018). The World Health Day is a global health awareness day, which is celebrated each year on 7th of April. The World Health Day is held to mark the WHO’s founding, and is seen as an opportunity to bring people’s attention to a subject of major importance of global health each year.

The theme for this year is Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere. Universal health coverage means “for all”, without discrimination, leaving no one behind. Everyone everywhere has a right to benefit from health services they need without falling into poverty when using them, a theme of high relevance to all people of the community, including civil societies and the Government. So, a three days oral health awareness program was organized covering both the rural as well as urban areas.

Comprehensive oral health check-up camp and oral health awareness program was conducted at village Tala and in one Government school in Jaipur city. Dental check up was conducted by Department of Public Health Dentistry, for 180 villagers and 345 school students. They were given basic oral health education using oral health education posters, live demonstrations and models. They were made aware of some common oral health related problems and how they can prevent such problems. Proper tooth brushing technique was demonstrated by the team of post graduate students and interns.

Event coordinators: Dr. Mridula Trehan, Principal & Dean, NIMS Dental College, Dr. Naganandini.S, Prof. & HOD and Dr. Roma Yadav, Sr. Lecturer, NIMS Dental College & Hospital.