Nimsiesta Program

A cultural programme was organized in NIMS University for the freshers on 7th October 2017. The programme included cultural dances , songs , Fashion show by the first year students, duo songs and many more . Towards the end of the show , here was a DJ night , organized by DJ Tash. Students enthusiastically  took part in the programme . Ekansh Nag  student of  paramedical sung solo mashup song, Ankita chakraborty danced in a Bengali song highlighting the  Bengali culture, Sunil Jatt  of medical department performed a solo dance in a Punjabi song, Ankit tiwari of LLB course presented a speech for the freshers , girls came forth with duo song as well as dances competing with the boys. After all such performances then came with DJ night where all the students came forth for dancing and having fun. Our NIMS director Dr.Pankaj and , Registrar of University, Dr. K P Singh gave a speech to motivate the students to work hard and do well in life.