The Training & Placement Office of a university functions with a very clear objective of making the students ready for working in various organizations. To facilitate this objective, The T&P Dept conducted  ‘Campus Recruitment Training Programme’ for the FINAL YEAR students, from 13th to 23rd November,2019 in CV Raman Block, NIET.

 The training was conducted by Mr Aashish Mathur – Dy. Director-T & P and PR and Ms Alka Vijay-ATPO.

The 5 day CRT programme was designed to train students on Resume Writing, Group Discussion and Personal Interview. It was conducted in two batches . First batch was from 13th  to 18th , November and for the second batch it was from 19th to 23rd of November. In first batch, students of Management, Law , Engineering and Physiotherapy attended the session while in second batch, session was attended by the students of Humanities, Architecture, Paramedical and Pharmacy. 

On DAY -1, the Resume Building session was conducted to train students on ‘How to prepare Resume’. In this session students learnt about the importance of Resume, its format , how to write Career Objective and other important things to consider, like FONT size, quality of paper,  while preparing a Resume. They were also told about the difference between Biodata, Resume and C.V. The students were asked to prepare the RESUME & submit it to resp. faculty coordinators.

The Group Discussion session was conducted for next two days. The students were trained on  Group Discussion through Power Point Presentation & videos. They were told about the characteristics of Group Discussion, the Do’s and Don’ts’ ,the attributes which a Recruiters looks for, importance of Communication, understanding of TOPIC etc. After the presentation students were divided in teams and mock interview session were conducted. The teams were given a TOPIC & were asked to discuss it for 10 mins. After the discussion ;feedback was given to participants. Through Mock Group Discussion students learnt to take initiative and learnt to deal with nervousness. All the students got chance to participate in GD.

Personal Interview Session was also conducted on last two days . The students were told about essential aspects like grooming, body language, confidence, communication skills and different ways in which students should put across their points. Students learnt positive things through motivational video. They also learnt etiquettes for Personal Interview and what the preparations should  be done before interview. The Frequently Asked Questions were also discussed along with answers. After the power point presentation , the MOCK Personal Interview Sessions were conducted . 

The Training Program ended with student teams giving a brief presentation on the learning of this CRT Program.