Brahmo-NIMS 2018, An Aerospace Festival started with a Bang on October 9, 2018. The Festival was planned to have 6 Guest lectures, a bottle rocketry event and an Airshow. The festival was planned to gather students from various schools and colleges to serve as a knowledge sharing platform.
Former eminent scientist from ISRO Prof. R. R. Elangovan along with ISRO R & D office(R & M Lab) Mr. S. Sudhakar, Aircraft Communication Engineer from Rockwell Collins Mr. John Joseph and Flight Software Engineer from Team Indus Mr. Gaurav Agarwal were received by our beloved Registrar Dr. Prem Singh (Retd IAS) who Inaugurated Brahmo-NIMS 2018.
Prof. R. R. Elangovan gave a guest lecture on “ISRO missions” and enlightened the audience with the knowledge of spacecrafts launched by ISRO. It was then followed by Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, who spoke about the ways in which “Colonization on moon” can be achieved. He also talked about Team Indus’s Mission of “Building a Moonshot”. The program of first day ended with bunch of rockets launched towards the sky. Students from various schools and colleges enjoyed the launch of bottle rockets.
Principal of NIET, Dr. Uma Shankar Mirdha honored the guests with a memento. Second day of Brahmo-NIMS 2018 started with a guest lecture by Mr. Shivam Makkar, Airport Operation & Service officer from a reputed Airline. The lecture was about “ Flight Control “ and “ Air Traffic Control” which grabbed more attention from Audience. The audience were amused in the way in which the lecture was delivered.
A guest lecture on “Spacecraft Technology” was given by Former Mission Director-ISRO Shri. T. K. Sundaramurthy. The Speech made a huge impact on the young and curious brains who busted out of joy. Session two of second day began with a lecture on “Rocket Propulsion” by Mr. Sudhakar who is currently working as on R & D officer in an R & M lab of ISRO.
The final Lecture was made by Mr. John Joseph who shared his experiences in “Aircraft Communication”. The students were thrilled and came up with a lots of questions for which the guest answered politely. Airshow was conducted by KNOWDATA around 4 pm and the event was honored with the presence of Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Director of NIMS University and our Beloved Registrar Dr. Prem Singh. The Audience were filled with so much enthusiasm to encounter all the mini planes taking off and performing lots of Aerobatics activities on the sky.