Conference Photo4National Seminar on “Recent Advances, Career Prospects & Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Bioengineering and Biosciences” was organized by Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Advanced Science & Technology, Nims University, Jaipur and CytoGene Research and Development, Lucknow on 9th Feb, 2017 at Seminar Hall-A, Ground Floor of the NIST Building, Nims University  Jaipur.

Seminar entailed of expert lectures, career talks, group discussions, technical exhibitions and project idea presentations on different topics under Life sciences, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, to facilitate interactions with R&D professionals (CytoGene Research and Development Lucknow). CytoGene is an autonomous registered Organization in Lucknow. It provides Training & Research in various Domains of Life Science. It is one of the growing cynosures in India. They provide an exceptional, peasant & unique environment to work, to learn, to get introduced with latest technologies, to know the market & values of Life Science, to interact with dignities, to have an experience of operating recent tools & techniques, to know the latest research areas, to get involved in Research & Development.

This is an event where Industry & Academia got together to discuss the problems and opportunities for overall development of Indian Biotechnology Industry. Whole event guided by the Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh, Head of the Biotechnology Department  and the event was coordinated by Dr. Dushyant Singh Chauhan, Assistant Professor –Biotechnology and supported by Dr. Rajesh K Kesharwani Assistant Professor Bioiformatics.  The event started with the welcome address of Dr. Sandeep Tripathi. He explained the rational and aim of the seminar. He was introduced all the title and speaker of the lecture.  Fifteen faculty members and 84 students and five speakers were presented in the seminar. The students were actively joined and involved in the question answer session of the every session. This conference was focused on innovation and access to entrepreneurship in India.

There were following five speakers in the seminar.
  1. Sujeet Kumar Singh, Director- CytoGene Research & Development, Lucknow
  2. Hemant K. Sharma, Head, Division of Microbiology, CytoGene Research & Development, Lucknow
  3. Nandan Mohan, Assistant Professor Institute of Management Nims University Rajasthan Jaipur
  4. Manish Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, School of Law, Nims University Rajasthan Jaipur
  5. Madhulika Singh, Head, Division of Biotechnology, CytoGene Research & Development, Lucknow

Conference Photo2Dr. Hemant Kumar Sharma, Head Division of Microbiology CytoGene Research & Development Lucknow, share his experience with audience under the title “An overview of Indian biotech Industries and career opportunities in it”. He has discussed the idea about the development of Curriculum vitae in the specific manner for different companies and how student personality and posture may be significant helpful during the interview. He has discussed various entrepreneurship developments particularly in the field of microbiology.

The second speaker was Er. Sujeet Kumar Singh, Director CytoGene Research & Development Lucknow, explained a new entrepreneurship paradigm and funding from the Governement of India. Various plans of the Indian government have been discussed significant namely Standup, startup India, MMSE a  nd skill India. He spoke at length about the need of the skill, academics, and implications of the work to wider communities as an entrepreneur. Importance of engagement with women at various level of entrepreneurship was discussed. He suggested various type of small scale enterprises for the students. He has also presented their strategies and guidelines to improve the entrepreneurship level in India, especially in Biotechnology field.

 The third was Mr. Nandan Mohan, Assistant Professor Institute of Management, Nims University Jaipur, delivered a talk on “Issues and Challenges before Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology”. He explored the measures of the development of new small scale industries and their organizational structure.

The fourth speaker of the seminar was Mr. Manish Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, School of Law, Nims University Jaipur, delivered his talk on “Techno- Legal Perspective of Entrepreneurship”.  He spoke about the various legal formalities to established business in India. He has discussed about the Intellectual property rights in length.

The last speaker of the seminar was Dr. Madhulika Singh, Head, and Division of Biotechnology CytoGene Research & Development Lucknow, enlighten the gathering with her informative talk on “Future prospects of Higher studies & Novel research in Biotechnology. She spoke about the various researches Institution in India for further study in research and development.

Conference Photo3During the special session “Interaction with students” were coordinated by Prof. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Prof. Renu Sharma, Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, R. Sanjeevi, Dr. Manisha Choudhary, Dr. Surendra Kumar Gupta and Mr. Azit Kumar Singh. Relevant queries were arises from the side of students and faculty delegates. They got justified answers from the speakers. The interactions were very relevant and meaningful. Students would be benefitted with this event.

The chief guest Prof. K.P. Singh, Registrar, Nims University and Guest of Honor, Prof. Dr. N. S. Kothari, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Nims University were invited in the valedictory session. Dr. Sandeep Tripathi was summarized and concluded the session followed by the introduction of the speakers.   Prof. K.P. Singh and Prof. Dr. N. S. Kothari were felicitated to speakers through presented “Plaque of Appreciation” (Memento) to each speaker. Vote of thanks was delivered by the Head of the Department Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh after the motivating speech of the guests.

Finally, the seminar was very fruitful and relevant for the students and faculty also. The department will try to arrange this type of seminar in twice a year so that holistic development of student could be possible.