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Welcome to your future and dream institution… Join with one of the “Leading Nursing College in Rajasthan” NIMS Nursing College

NIMS Nursing College, NIMS University situated at Jaipur, Rajasthan was established in 2000. NIMS Nursing College is one of the most modern equipped nursing colleges of Rajasthan. It is widely recognized as centre of excellence in the field of nursing education with excellent job training facilities in North Zone.

The College of Nursing at NIMS University is dedicated to educating healthcare professionals as well as developing future leaders who will impact the delivery of quality healthcare globally and push forward the World Health Organization ideal of Universal Healthcare for all. The College offers nationally recognized, accredited programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to a diverse student population from across the nation and from around the world.

The College of Nursing is equipped with a multi-speciality teaching hospital which has over 1300 beds thus providing students with the highest form of medical practice. The students go on to receive guidance from experts who ensure the highest form of enriching knowledge and competent understanding.

The College of Nursing offers the Diploma, Baccalaureate, Master's degrees and Doctorate Degree in Nursing.

Our Vision

The College of Nursing is a world leader in educating nurses in inter professional health care, research, practice, innovation, capacity building and policy development.

Our Mission

As NIMS University nursing faculty in the NIMS Nursing College strengthens nursing, health and the health care system through the creation and integration of knowledge from research, education and practice.

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