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Nims School of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Humanities & Social Sciences opened its door in the year 2008 by embracing an understanding of philosophical beliefs, literature, history of ancient and modern cultures and languages. From the beginning, the school aims to make narrow disciplinary compartments, finding a linguist or an anthropologist for Historical Studies; or a demographer and an economist along with geologists or geographers for the Study of Regional Development; a psychologist, a sociologist and a historian in the students for Educational Studies thereby making them good citizens making a trajectory to govern life. Today, the school aims to strive for excellence, integrity and innovation in every aspect of activity; a strongly collaborative approach; open and effective communications and an inclusive culture based on dignity, courtesy and respect. It seeks to engage students in analytical, critical thinking and creative use of all forms of information, languages and communication. There is a constant endeavor to discover innovative answers to fundamental human questions, puzzles and dilemmas and to integrate rational and intuitive knowledge of complex world. The School of Humanities offers twelve courses spanning major professional fields and linking them to Bachelor, Master and PhD Degrees as well. The highly experienced and professional faculty members ensure a smooth transition for students to adjust with the increasing demands of their fields of professional study.

Our Vision

To prepare the students with the knowledge and skills compulsory to excel in their respective professions as well as in other phases of life.

Our Mission

To promote education and research in close interaction with industry with emphasis on ambience to nurture new ideas.
The exciting range of infrastructure for research and development is overwhelming. Today, it stands on strong foothold as one of the finest seats of education in India with international students from Sudan, Zambia, Yemen and Nigeria etc.

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