The School of Library and Information Science, has steadily grown from strength to strength in respect of faculty and teaching programmes. The courses offered reflect the changing dimensions of the field. The curricula of our programmes reflect our commitment to change, innovate and adapt. Courses are geared towards imparting knowledge and skill sets requisite for the emerging information society and preparing the next generation of information professionals. In all its course offerings, the Department pays special attention to the social and developmental needs and interests of the countries and peoples and to the effects of these on national programmes and development. At the same time, every effort is made to assist students to understand trends and developments within an international context.

The department conducts research, post graduate, graduate and diploma courses in Library and Information science with following objectives of to train library professionals to manage the libraries using Library Management techniques. After learning the fundamentals, for the application of Library and information system and activities, students will learn best practices/techniques of Library and Information Science.

Service of trained Libraries is required in all types of Libraries. National records, publications of vital and permanent importance and documents are systematically maintained in different Govt. departments and libraries common job profiles after completing BLIS include Librarian, Deputy, Deputy Librarian, Information Assistant, Junior Information analyst, Junior Librarian/Professional Assistant, Junior Librarian/Semi-Professional Assistant.

Post Graduate degree in Library Science gives an opportunity to the candidate for employment in academic institutions, schools, Govt. and public libraries, news and broadcasting agencies, universities and private libraries, publishing houses and statistical research centers. Academic libraries work at a university/college level. A master’s degree in library sciences place you in a faculty role, which places you on the same level and many professors, some experienced librarians work independently as service providers. Common job profile after completing MLIS include: Senior Information Analyst, Director/Head of Information Center, Libraries Deputy Librarian, and Academic Faculty.