School of Humanities & Social Sciences opened its door in the year 2009 by embracing an understanding of philosophical beliefs, literature history of ancient and modern cultures and languages.

From the beginning the school aims to make narrow disciplinary compartments, finding a linguist or an anthropologist for Historical Studies; or a demographer and an economist along with geologists or geographers for the Study of Regional Development; an economist, a psychologist, a sociologist and a historian in the students for Educational Studies thereby making them good citizens making a trajectory to govern life.

Today, the school aims to strive for excellence, integrity and innovation in every aspect of activity; a strongly collaborative approach; open and effective communications and an inclusive culture based on dignity, courtesy and respect. It seeks to engage students in analytical, critical thinking and creative use of all forms of information, languages and communication. There is a constant endeavor to discover innovative answers to fundamental human questions, puzzles and dilemmas and to integrate rational and intuitive knowledge of complex world.

Department of English

To help deepen students’ insights into their own experience and to develop their ability to express their ideas orally and in writing, The Department of English bids an array of introductory courses designed to enlarge fundamental writing skills, power of argument and analysis, and a historical perspective on Literature. Established in 2009, it is a major Department of the University. It has a rich tradition of high-level teaching and research which continues even today.The undergraduate and postgraduate courses have been recently revised and updated in the light of the U.G.C. recommendations. It runs M.A. in English and M.Phil. (ELT) which is still a rare course and functions on an interdisciplinary approach and caters to the needs of scholars interested in the areas of Indian Literature as well as American Literature. The department also offers Ph.D. program. The department also offers Ph.D. programme.

For those undergraduate students interested in the field of Literature as well as Language, the department strives to introduce scholars to many traditions of imaginative writing in English through courses focused on both familiar topics such as Milton or Modern American Literature and the newest area of Indian English Literature and develops a strong sense of history as it touches, and is expressed within, the verbal arts.

Department of Hindi

The Department of Hindi aims at providing teaching and research facilities in Hindi, keeping in view the changing social norms, communication patterns, different social roles of language in our society and fast changing social values in our time. While drawing up the syllabus, sufficient care has been taken to cater to the above needs. It has been kept flexible enough to incorporate various requirements of the students in the context of contemporary society. Special attention is also given to the regional and comprehensive studies of language and literature. The syllabus is well suited for teaching of literature and prayojanmoolak Hindi, criticism, poetics, linguistics and history of literature with emphasis on its deliverance for contemporary society.

Department of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit.offers teaching and research of traditional Sanskrit Texts covering various domains like the Vedas. Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit grammar and Linguistics, Classical Sanskrit and Poetocs to focus on the thoughts of the both oriental and occidental thinkers to make this globe a place of happiness and co-existence.

The Department embodies a mission to encourage the usage of Sanskrit language and researches on the various fields of its literature and to welcome the comparative studies on the scientific thoughts prevailing in different Sanskrit texts.

Department of Economics

With the aim of imparting knowledge and developing the understanding of the economy, and to provide necessary analytical tools and intellectual training, the Department of Economics was established in 2009. The department encourages the students to work on recent developments in the world of economics and business calls for an inter- disciplinary approach to the study of the problems of business environment in particular and economy as a whole. The department is involved in undergraduate teaching and offers postgraduate, M.Phil. and Ph.D programs.

To attract more students to impart training in economic theory and policy so as to make them find better job opportunities in government and corporate sectors.

Department of Political Science

Political Science subject is of utmost importance in the present era. It is a debate on all fronts of the world that what sort of political system would best enable the highest human life of eudemonia (happiness). This subject being the motivating force behind almost all sort of politics has gained much popularity among younger generation.

The extensive training in the subject being given at the Deparment would enable students to seek employment in national, state and local governments, urban planning, foreign affairs, journalism, legal profession, public advocacy, public relations, international organizations Foreign policies and all sort of competitive examinations.

Department of Public Administration

The Department provides teaching, training and research in Public Administration by way of offering undergraduate and post graduate courses and a Diploma programme in Public Administration.

Keeping pace with the demand of time, the Department has launched three self-financing PG Diplomas – in Public Relations; in Human Resource Development; and in Hospital & Health Care Administration. The Department also runs a self-financing Bachelor in Public Administration. Those passing out these courses find placement in both public and private sectors. Defense personnel have lately formed special students section in the courses run by the Department.

Department of History

The department of History was established in 2009, intend at teaching of history objectively with an inter-disciplinary approach. The students are initiated to develop insight into the complexities of history and to correlate them with the latest trends of historical writings. The critical and analytical faculties are developed by encouraging them to read the latest books and journals on the subject and to written term papers. This objective is further realized by furnishing the Library with good text books and the latest publications in history, and by incorporating new research accomplishments in the syllabi of postgraduate and undergraduate classes. Besides, research journals of premier research centers and universities are subscribed as they are the trendsetters and guide for the researchers.

The Department has M.Phil and doctoral (Ph.D.) programmes. It is reflected by the working of research scholars on art and architecture, environment, women, peasants, socio-economic and a host of other areas. The faculty members are also actively engaged in research; they have published research papers as well as presented these in the national seminars and conferences.

Department of Geography

Geography consists of the study of earth, its climatic conditions, the various land forms on the planet and the different natural occurrences. It encompasses a wide knowledge base. It includes the spatial analysis of human and natural phenomena, the exploration of earth sciences and the relationship between nature and human life. The study of geography includes the analysis of social, economic and environmental processes that affect nature.

Moreover, studying geography helps us appreciate the diversity in the life forms on Earth. It exposes us to the various ecology issues and environmental science and technology concerns. It helps us understand how nature influences life. It helps us understand the interaction between the natural components and human beings. The study of geography gives us an opportunity to observe and analyze the close association between the natural environment and human life.

Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology aspires to edify the students how people interact as groups in society along with confronting the undergraduates to analyze the patterns of human behavior, deriving their causes and speculating the future of the behavioral patterns in civilization by facilitating the aspirants to know not only the orders in the society and man but also their motives, aspirations, status, occupations, traditions, customs, institutions, cultures etc.

Sociology is a profession in which technical competence brings its own rewards. Sociologists, especially those trained in research procedures, are in increasing demand in business, Government, industry, city planning, race relations, social work, social welfare, supervision, advertising, communications, administration, and many other areas of community life.

Department of Social Work

Social work is an exciting, demanding and immensely rewarding profession. It requires uncommon dedication to strive for social reform. The world needs people who are committed to the needs of others. Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire to improve people’s lives. Social workers help people function the best way they can in their environment, deal with their relationships, and solve personal and family problem.

If you are willing to be a re-framer, confronter, reflector, partner, negotiator, supporter, and communicator and if you feel a great deal of compassion towards social issues, then this can be an excellent career option for you. No doubt that a career in social work is both meaningful and rewarding.

Department of Home Science

The Department of Home Science is running successfully since 2009 in NIMS University. Home Science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge with focus on Food & Nutrition, Human Development, Fabric & Apparel Designing, Resource Management and Communication & Extension management. Home Science is the science of utilizing resources efficiently and achieving healthier and happier homes. The college offers 3 years B.Sc. and B.A degree programme along with M.Sc, M.Phil, M.A & Ph.D degree to impart professional competence to its graduating students.

Most women work outside the home due to basic economic necessities. In this context, managing and balancing both household and professional life remains essential. Home science education tries to train and educate one to make a perfect interface between these two spheres of women’s life.

Home Science is the achievement of family happiness, raising of its moral standards, and improving its economic conditions. The Home Science education also prepares students for professional life through entrepreneurship development.

Career Prospects Health and Nutrition Journalist , Dieticians, Counselors, Researcher, Principals, Marketing Managers, Event Managers, Hostess, Home maker, Social worker, Women Entrepreneuror. The Home Science graduates can also run childhood care units like day – care centre, creches, nursery school and after school centres.

Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology imparts training in both theoretical and applied research in Anthropology, which equips students to meet the academic challenges in urban/rural/tribal field studies. Apart from studying ethnographic diversity, the department is oriented towards application of anthropological knowledge to the understanding of social problems and development issues. The department has developed a small museum as a teaching aid for students.

The Department of Anthropology aspires to edify the students how people interact as groups in society along with confronting the undergraduates to analyze the patterns of human behavior, deriving their causes and speculating the future of the behavioral patterns in civilization by facilitating the aspirants to know not only the orders in the society and man but also their motives, aspirations, status, occupations, traditions, customs, institutions, cultures etc.

Anthropology is a profession in which technical competence brings its own rewards. anthropologists, especially those trained in research methodology procedures, are in increasing demand in Government, industry, rural and tribal planning, race relations, social work, social welfare, supervision, communications, administration and many other areas of community life.

Employment Opportunities Possible places of employment are NGOs and community originations, rehabilitation programs, the Department of tribal welfare, schools, universities, education departments, Anthropological Survey of India and Army.

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology at Nims University was established in 2009. It has excellence in research, teaching, and service. We are also one of the top ranked psychology departments in the country providing extensive course offerings and research opportunities in many areas. Faculties in the department work in diverse areas of human cognition, emotion, and behavior and engage in many interdisciplinary research activities. Students with various courses are involved in research projects including clinical and applied psychology.

Specializations Student interested in psychology as a career can specialize in various fields and become Clinical Psychologists, Couselling Psychologists, Social Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Industrial Psychologists, Research Psychologists and Developmental Psychologists. Employment Opportunities Possible places of employment are hospital (private, public, psychiatric) and community clinics, rehabilitation clinics the Department of Labour, school universities, education departments, business Industry and in private practice as a therapist or as a consultant


To provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the University community is the only objective of the library of School of Humanities. The Library has got has a collection of wide range of books including yearbooks and books of competitive examination along with creating tools to support research and learning.


The Computer Laboratory of School of Humanities is to familiarize the students and, Research Scholars with the concept of Computer, their working, impart the skills involved in the use of common software packages, knowledge of programming in different Computer Languages and to include capability of independent management of computer systems.


The School has got well equipped practical labs in various subjects with the aim to impart practical knowledge to the students.

Geography Lab:

There are in-house facilities which include: Computer laboratory, Remote sensing laboratory and GIS facilities besides a cartographic resource library and other special features. In the technical field remote sensing, GIS and computer cartography have been introduced. The department has equipped with Internet facility for the teachers, students, and research scholars.

Home Science Lab:

The Department of Home Science has laboratory facilities for its Under-graduate, Post-graduate and Research programs –

  • Foods and nutrition lab
  • Cookery labs
  • Human Development,
  • Home Management
  • Textile lab and Extension Education

Social Work Practice:

Best facility of field work, collaboration with reputed organization for practical work, workshops, counselling room, eye and health camp in rural areas for social welfare.

Department of Psychology:

Department has well equipped psychological laboratories Counseling Room equipped with various equipments is available in the department for teaching and research programs
Psychology Research Areas Various faculty members involved in following projects:
  • Experimental psychology
  • Educational psychology
  • Experimental Personality research
  • Model of Personality development
  • Clinical psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational psychology
  • Indian psychology
  • Psychology of Stress
  • Gender related issues
  • Child psychology
  • Sport psychology
  • Applied psychology
  • Women psychology