Knowledge of Law is essential in every walk of life because the social set up of any country is built and regulated by some norms of behaviour from the very beginning of social life which are either codified in legislative enactments or judicial precedents or social customs. Every action of an individual, society, any association or organization is regulated and controlled by several kinds of legislation. Law is the king of kings and rules the state also. Although knowledge of every piece of legislation is not possible but intricate knowledge of philosophical aspects of law is essential, as every resident of a nation is bound to have the knowledge of the law of the land because the latin maxim speaks – ignorantia legas non excusat (ignorance of law is no excuse) imparting legal education by educational institutions is an attempt to this end.

School of Law: School of Law is an important constituent unit of Nims University started from the session 2010-11.
Career Prospects:  Study of law provides a professional qualification in the field of law. A person who has obtained a degree in law has wide prospects of career. These are:
  • Advocate – from lower court to the Supreme Court.
  • Legal advisor-in private companies and corporations.
  • Legal Assistants – a cadre in the Government to deal with legal cases against the state.
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor – Also a cadre to plead criminal cases in the courts on behalf of the State.
  • Judicial Services – Through competition (R.J.S, M.P.J.S.,U.P.J.S., D.J.S etc Higher judicial services) for all states.
  • An essential degree for P.G. in law which is another prospect for teaching line.
  • A number of students from 5 year law course have been recruited by MNCs.
  • Law may be opted as an optional paper in competitive exams – like IAS, IPS, RAS, RPS etc.

In addition to the above mentioned careers because of legal complicacies in different services like – Labour Officers, Public Relations Officers, Human Resource Managers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Business Managers etc. Legal education gives immense value to the law graduates for these fields.

The Department of Law is offering BBA, LLB integrated degree of 5 years duration. The department is equipped with ultramodern teaching and research facilities with having good lecture halls, State-of-the-Art Library, Mute court, etc.

The School of Law has following facilities for legal education and research: 
  • Rich Library Text-books, Reference-books, Journals, All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, Criminal Law Journals, Journal of Indian Law Institute, Indian Bar Review, Annual Survey of Indian Law  and other academic journals and Periodicals.
  • MOOT Court
  • Qualified Faculty
  • Well Equipped Building with separate girls & boys common room.