Academia at Nims firmly believe on high impact practices on teaching, research; dissemination and extension. Teaching performance index and research performance index have led the university to become one of the leading higher education institutions in India.


Quality assured and need based programmes are developed with the support of cross disciplinary approaches, implemented and monitored meticulously, and evaluated judiciously by the experts at respective school level. At the college or institutional level, devised programmes are transacted through curricula comprising a basket of courses. Courses are designed exclusively on the principle of constructivism philosophy at the department level. Our curricula is based on the  core curriculum framework at the national level and at par with the leading universities in India. The University has introduced  Credit System  at international parlance and offers a maximum number of choices in each of its program. 

Curricular Transaction and Pedagogical Innovations

< We employ innovative and interactive pedagogical strategies that lead to debate, discussions and arguments within and out of class, thus making students inquisitive. We make our students think big, connect concepts, and generate creative insights.

Evaluation Mechanism & Credit Transfer

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation mechanisms are followed rigorously and match with multiple learning styles of heterogeneous learners. Criterion referenced testing techniques are employed across various programmes that ensure mastery learning.


Research has been our tradition and we excel in all six academic research performance indices — current productivity, long-term productivity, research impact, cumulative journal impact, quality and international collaboration. Bioorganic food production, Green Energy Initiatives, and Social Transformations Management are some of the innovations that have received the attention of academia. Minutes of Meeting of Academic Council