Admission & Enrolment Rules

This Ordinance shall be called “Ordinance for Admission and Enrolment Rules of Nims University Rajasthan, Jaipur”.

Admission and Enrolment Rules

Admissions in the University are offered on the basis of rules framed by the relevant bodies of the University. Following will be the procedure for admission in different courses of studies.
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A candidate who applies for admission shall be presumed that he / she agrees to abide by the University Rules and no litigation shall, therefore, be tenable.
  1. Admission shall be made on the basis of the elligbility for the course. Eligibility for admission to various courses shall be governed by the rules, regulations, norms of University Grants Commission or any other competent authoprity designated to do so by the Government of India wherever applicable and any other relevant laws prevailing at that time. The final decision to grant or refuse admission shall rest with the Academic Council, as approved by the Chairperson of Nims University, Jaipur. A candidate shall not be entitled to claim admission as a matter of right even if he / she is otherwise eligible. The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual without assigning any reason.
During admission if a situation of contradiction, doubt or ambiguity arises regarding the eligible qualification and equivalence / authenticity of a qualifying degree / qualification awarded by any Board / University or any other examining body in India or abroad, under such circumstances, the matter shall be referred to the University Grants Commission, Association of Indian Universities, Equilance Committee of the University constituted by the Chairperson for the purpose or any other competent authoprity designated to do so. In the meantime the Equivalance Committee, if deems fit, may recommend provisional admission to the candidate till a clarification is received from the UGC, AIU or any other competent authority. In case clarification is not received till examinations, the candidate shall be allowed to appear in examination provisionally. However, if no clarification is received from any authority, in that case the final decision to grant or refuse admission shall rest with the Academic Council subject to approval by the Chairperson of Nims University, Jaipur.
  1. The university reserves the right not to admit any candidate to a course of his / her study even though a notification inviting applications for admission to the same has been issued and the admission process has started. Further, the University shall have the right to cancel the admission process without giving any reason. The applicant shall have no right to get the application / processing fee refunded in any circumstances.
  2. All admissions shall be provisional. If it is found at any stage that the qualifying examination of a candidate is not recognised by the Nims University or he / she has concealed or given false information, such admissions shall be cancelled as per University rules.
  3. Every student shall have to pass a medical test within four weeks of the date of his / her provisional admission, and the admission of those found medically unfit shall be cancelled.
  4. Changes made in the Admission Rules and / or in the eligibility criteria by the Admission Committee / Academic Council of this University from time to time, shall be applicable to the applicants seeking admission in the University.
  5. The candidates are required to produce the original marksheets / certificates, in person, including the statement of marks of the qualifying examination with the requisite percentage of marks at the time of interview / reporting for admission, failing which they shall not be interviewed / allowed to complete the admission process, and the offer of admission shall stand cancelled and no further correspondence in the matter shall be entertained.