Are you a RESERVER or DESERVER? WANNA KNOW WHAT THE SECRET BEHIND YOU? Is that you who is getting famous just came and know what is the deal behind it. Mass communication forms the curtain raiser. As you are the one who can change the world and enjoy the cream of your dream. Love the spirit to get over your hesitation. Come on what you are waiting for. Join the mass communication and do the unexpected. Closer to the achiever. The field of Media & Mass Communication includes different interesting specializations of communication of information & knowledge like Print Media , Electronic Media , New Media , Advertising & Public Relation. It is also termed as 4th Pillar of Democracy. COME & JOIN US “to bring An INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCE for SOCIAL CHANGE & UNIVERSAL DEVELOPMENT”.

Department of Journalism Mass Communication

The area of Media and Mass Communication (BJMC, MJMC) includes many interesting mediums of communication of information and knowledge like the television, newspaper, radio, web Media, advertisements and many more. Although this field has made a remarkable presence in the society from a long time, the real value of this field has gained credit in the recent days. Many efforts are being made to give a professional touch to various fields of Media and Mass Communication. Media and Mass Communication has spread its wings in many areas today, which compile the different sections of communication,politics and journalism. Media is an important means to bring the globe nearer and nearer. It is a fourth pillar of democratic form of government.

The Department is running the following programs and courses:

  • Research Department
  • Post-Graduate Department
  • Under-Graduate Department


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