Teacher's Feedback Form

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1. Syllabus is suitable to the course and need based
2. Aims and objectives of the syllabi are well defined for teachers and students
3. Sufficient number of prescribed books are available in the Library
4. The course/syllabus has good balance between theory and application.
5. Infrastructural facilities, such as teacher’s rooms/carrels, class rooms, reading rooms and toilets are available in the Department.
6. Tests and examinations are conducted well in time with proper coverage of all units in the syllabus.
7. I have the freedom to adopt new techniques/strategies of teaching such as seminar presentations, group discussions and learners’ participations.
8. The environment in the department is conducive to teaching and research.
9. The University provides adequate and smooth support for projects and research facilities.
10. Health care facilities in the University for teachers and students
11. Your children education facilities in the university
12. Transport facility for teachers
13. Adequate facility of hostel for working women
14. Children Day care centre for working staff
15. Adequate facility for food corners / cafeteria / Mess
16. Any Suggestion Character Limit 300