Dental College & Hospital

Oral Implantology


Dental Implantology is the latest advancement in the field of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth and supporting oral tissues. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbones to support the dental prosthesis. This curriculum aims at providing dental students with a broad dental-implant experience.

Aesthetic Dentistry


Aesthetic dentistry can be as simple as replacing an old discoloured and cracked filling with a more natural-looking one that blends seamlessly with your natural tooth. It can also involve more complicated procedures like replacing a decaying or damaged tooth with a dental implant and natural-looking crown.

Preventive Dentistry


Preventive dentistry is the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. This helps to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. There are many forms of preventive dentistry, such as daily brushing and dental cleanings.

Dental Operating Room Assistant Course


Dental Operating Room Assistant is a person, not being a Dentist or Medical Practitioner; who assists the Dental Surgeon in sterilizing & at the chair side by supplying instruments, handling various dental materials & medicines as required by the Dental Surgeon.

Bachelor of Dental Sugery


BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is the only professional programme on dental surgery in India. BDS is one of the most sought after course after MBBS. Students while aspiring for a medical career at the high school level and beyond look for information that tells them all about BDS. The course is 4 years in duration followed by one year of paid rotating internship. In India, BDS is regulated by the Dental Council of India where all dentists have to register to be able to practice after the completion of their study.In this course, the students are taught about the denture, dental problems and surgery. It is also a good job oriented degree programmes and various opportunities are available in the hospital, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries.

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