The NIMS university has a unique central library housing over 57,000 total books in a cross of knowledge and learning. Besides, each faculty/department has its own library to cater immediate needs of the teachers, students and researchers.
To promote a culture of broad inquire and support the University’s mission to discover, preserve, and disseminate knowledge and creative expression.
  • To deliver quality, user-oriented services responsive to the changing society according to the needs of our diverse clientele.
  • To enrich, augment and promote the university’s teaching, learning and research activities through the strategic management of essential information.
Role of Library
Library plays a vital role in supporting the academic programmes of the University. It identifies, evaluates, procures, processes and then makes these learning resources available to the faculty and student for their teaching, learning and research assignments. That is why, Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, Father of library Science development in India has aptly said that the Library is the trinity of Learning Resources, Faculty/Students and the Library Staff.

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