Be it in Advance engineering, the NIMS University possesses world-class capability in advanced engineering. The wings and engines of so many aircraft are designed and manufactured in the India, India-based companies are prominent in a wide range of areas, including design engineering, advanced materials and manufacturing and are renowned for their innovation and commitment to research and development.

Department of Aerospace Engineering

If your goal is a challenging education with opportunities to develop your skills and attitude at professional level before you graduate, then aerospace engineering (aeronautical engineering or astronautical engineering) is a promising career. Professional positions in engineering, design, and management at aerospace firms across globe require a first degree in their field of work as essential qualification. The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers exciting programs at undergraduate and post graduate level. Programs are designed across major disciplines, such as advanced campsite structure mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, electrical and electronics.

Department of Petroleum Engineering

Population growth and industrial economy have acknowledged that energy is the prime mover of our economy, but beyond that, energy is an essential part of our daily life. This has necessitated the development of our coal resources and deposits of crude oil and natural gas. Natural gas is expected to be the game-changer in the energy equation of the world during the 21st Century. In harmony with this, the industry has experienced a number of technological improvements, driven by the increasing global demand for crude oil and natural gas. The challenges and opportunities that come together with those challenges for petroleum and natural gas engineers are more than ever.

Department of Energy & Power

The energy sector is critical for sociology-economic development. In the Indian context, the challenge is to provide affordable energy services to the population. The development of energy systems is also constrained by the depletion of fossil fuel, local environmental impacts (for example adverse health impacts) and the problem of global warming and associated climate change. Energy security concerns also dictate the search for alternative transport fuels to reduce the dependence on imported oil. The energy sector is in transition and needs analytical and design inputs. There is significant need for engineering, design, research and development inputs in building efficient conventional energy systems, cost effective renewables, new energy sources and conversion devices.

Department of Nuclear Engineering

M.Tech in Nuclear Power is a program that is specifically designed for the study of all aspects of nuclear power such as nuclear engineering, nuclear plant design, reactor operations, nuclear waste management and the radiological applications of nuclear science. They operate and maintain the most formidable Fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers on the planet. They pursue the highest degree of intellectual and personal challenges in the nuclear field. They apply nuclear energy and fundamentals of engineering in ways that not only help to defend our national security but also serve to better our world.